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Drunk Driver Crashes 3 Vehicles at Gas Station in Northeastern Thailand

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LOEI – A drunk driver in Northeastern Thailand sparked panic with this ridiculous attempt at leaving a petrol station – smashing into two parked cars and a motorcycle.

CCTV footage (Below) shows how the driver first tried to reverse out of his parking spot in Loei province in northeastern Thailand, just before midnight on Monday.

However, instead of heading home, the drunk driver turned his car back into the petrel station before before smashing into three vehicles.

The driver made a wide right turn and directly hit another pickup truck before colliding with a larger lorry and a motorcycle as it powered up the wheelchair ramp.

The crash finally ended when it smashed into a wall in front of the women’s toilet.

The driver Anuchit Srisangrat, 55, was found unconscious when locals came to check on him.

They helped to pull his body out after being trapped inside the car.

He was taken to Dansai Crown Prince Hospital, where doctors performed a blood alcohol test on the driver.

Lieutenant Colonel Wattana Chanpala, the inspector of Dansai police station, said: ”The test result shows that his alcohol level exceeded the legal limit for driving.

”Initially, he was charged for reckless and drunk driving. He was also detained at the police station to pursue legal proceedings.”

Source: MSN

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