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Drug Enforcement Agencies Seize 258 million Baht of Assets



Drug Enforcement Agencies Seize 258 million Baht of Assets

Thailand’s drug enforcement agencies recently seized 258 million baht of assets related to drugs, according to a government spokesperson ahead of the newly amended anti-narcotics law coming into effect.

According to Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, government spokesman, drug suppression agencies recently seized 258 million baht of drug assets before the revised anti-narcotics law takes effect.d from various gangs.

On Dec 9, the newly amended drug suppression law will take effect, Mr. Thanakorn announced. He noted that it will strengthen the state’s efforts in drug suppression and act as a deterrent against narcotic crimes.

He said seizures would be more effective and would break the entire supply chain. In addition to the law’s heavy jail term, offenders are likely to wind up in bankruptcy.”

In order to track and freeze assets derived from drug money, the new law aims to strengthen the cooperation between drug suppression agencies and financial institutions, and commercial banks. It also gives the authorities retroactive power to confiscate such assets dating back a maximum of 10 years.

Enhanced Drug enforcement law

Mr. Thanakorn said how informants are rewarded has also been revised. Under the current version of the law, a 5% reward is given based on the total value of the confiscated drugs. The new law will allow the value of combined assets to also be included in the calculation, he said.

He said Thailand has joined countries in the sub-Mekong region in stemming the narcotics trade and trafficking networks. The kingdom has developed a system that enhances the efficiency of suppression efforts with assistance from China; the United States; Australia; and South Korea, he said.

Responding to the opposition’s demand for a swift crackdown on illicit drug syndicates, Mr. Thanakorn said modern technology has made the production of drugs, such as methamphetamine pills, more efficient. Networks can churn out a million meth pills in one hour, he said.


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