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Danish Man Found Dead on Krabi Beach in Thailand




KRABI – Illegal rubies, hot romance with a Thai ladyboy Johnny Frode Peter Bo Henriksen’s life contained all the elements for a juicy thriller, but ended abruptly Wednesday on the beach near the town of Krabi in Thailand

The body of 46 year old Johnny Frode Peter Bo Henriksen was found last week in the waters of Ton Sai beach in Krabi. An eccentric lifestyle makes foul play likely, and a close friend to the Dane dismisses any chance of suicide.

Early Photo of Johnny Henriksen before Outing in Thailand

Allegedly Johnny Henriksen has been supporting his Thai lifestyle smuggling rubies out of Greenland to Krabi, where he used the money originating from the smuggling to open a beach bar. In Krabi he also met and later got engaged to the ladyboy Kharn.

The story of Johnny smuggling rubies is supported by a source, who claims to be the childhood friend of Johnny Henriksen, and on the facebook of Johnny Henriksen he is also proudly showing of some rubies.

Problems in Paradise

Although newly engaged and apparently making money from rubies as well as owning a beach bar, life in Krabi was not without worries for Johnny Henriksen.

According to his childhood friend the Dane was beaten by other foreigners who wanted him to pay ‘protection money’ for his beach bar, which Johnny refused.

“He did not give in to pressure, which resulted in him being followed on his bike on the 12th of March. The chase resulted in an accident where Johnny broke his finger,” says the friend to Ekstra Bladet.

The life of Johnny Henriksen then ended as he was found on the beach on 30 May, but his friend is sure that there is no chance that the Dane committed suicide.

“He loved life way too much to do that,” says the friend.

Danish authorities have confirmed that a Danish citizen was found dead in Thailand on 30 May, and that they are ‘working’ on the case. Besides that they have no comments.

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