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Cyber Crime Police Bust Three Men for Selling Arms Online

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The Cyber Crime Police Investigation Bureau have seized  over 3000 guns and ammunition stocked for online sales on Wednesday. Three men were arrested one from Chiang Rai and two others from Khon Kaen.

Pol Lt Gen Kornchai Klaiklueng, commissioner of the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau, said Thursday that Cyber Crime police arrested the three men, one Chiang Rai and two in Khon Kaen with illegal guns and ammunition worth approximately 50 million. The arms were stored in five locations in the two provinces worth approximately US$1.5 Million.

Police searched the houses belonging to the 2 men from Khon Kaen and found 1,414 illegal rifles, 122 unregistered pistols and 920,000 rounds of ammunition.

In Chiang Rai, police also searched two air gun shops and found 1,786 unregistered rifles, 224 illegal pistols and 57,500 bullets.

Pol Lt Gen Kornchai said they ordered guns, bullets and gun accessories from suppliers in Bangkok and southern provinces. The guns had been smuggled into the country from Indonesia, Sweden, the United States, Turkey, Spain and China.

They then created a Facebook page to advertise their guns and ammunition for sale. Customers around the country placed orders via the Line chat app and made payments via banks. They would receive the illicit merchandise via a parcel delivery company.

The men had operated for about five years, had over 50,000 customers nationwide and sold hundreds of guns daily, Pol Lt Gen Kornchai said.

The men had also started a YouTube channel to present reviews of its products, he said.

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