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Covid-19 Curfew Breakers in Thailand Face 2 Years Imprisonment

Covid-19 Curfew

Police in Thailand have warned any person found outside during curfew hours, without a legitimate reason, will be prosecuted. Violators of the curfew will face up to 2 years imprisonment, or up to 40,000 baht in fine, or both.

Royal Thai Police spokesman, Pol Lt Gen Piya Uthayo, said all checkpoints will now focus on the enforcement of the law. Above all against those not complying with the measures, and on limiting inter-provincial travel to minimum.

He said the police are now working with the military to create a rapid response network across the country. Furthermore to detect and prosecute violators of the State of Emergency regulations.

Only some people are allowed to go out during curfew hours, namely; medical professionals; bank workers; night shift workers; and also passengers travelling to and from the airports.

Cargo and delivery drivers of essential products, farm products, drugs and medical supplies, newspapers, fuel, parcels, export and import products are allowed to work during curfew hours. As well as passengers and drivers heading to a quarantine facility. Some travel may be allowed during curfew hours if necessary. However travel will require authorization from the officials.

Those working or commuting home during curfew hours should also carry identification. Also a certification letter from their employer to be presented on demand. The letter must clearly state company or agency’s name, work unit, position and valid reasons for curfew travel. – NNT


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