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Cat Burglar Falls to his Death from Apartment Building in Phuket

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Police have reported that a cat burglar has fell to his death from an apartment building in Phuket. After breaking into an apartment early on Tuesday morning.

The man, aged around 30-40, was found lying in a pool of blood on the roof of the clothes shop at around 5.30am.

The unidentified cat burglar suffered a deep cut to his head. He was wearing only black trousers, and a mobile phone was found in his pocket.

The shop owner told police that she heard noises suggesting someone was walking on the shop’s roof at around 5am while she and her mother were sleeping. Later, she heard a loud noise like that of a hard object falling onto the roof. When she left the shop to investigate, she found the man lying dead on the aluminum awning.

The owner of an apartment in the building, told police that he was alerted by a female tenant that someone had climbed up from the roof of a nearby shop and broken into her room early on Tuesday morning.

When the burglar saw officers arrive he jumped from the third floor apartment to the roof of the shop, he told the Bangkok Post.

A tenant said she was lying down listening to music when she heard a noise on the shop roof near her window. She partially opened the curtain and was shocked to see a man climbing towards her window.

After calling police she ran down to seek help from her neighbours, but but none answered their doors. She then ran out of the building to seek help from nearby residents.

Police found the burglar had ransacked the room and placed an electric fan near the window. No valuable items were missing.

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