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Canadian Arrested in Bangkok after Robbing Bank in Singapore



Pol Lt Gen Thitirat Nongharnphithak refused to release mans name

Pol Lt Gen Thitirat Nongharnphithak refused to release mans name



BANGKOK – Central Investigation Bureau commissioner Pol Lt Gen Thitirat Nongharnphithak has told reporters that a Canadian man wanted in Singapore for allegedly stealing more than US$22,000 (RM88,550) from a bank using nothing but a piece of paper has been arrested in Bangkok.

The suspect was arrested on Sunday, Pol Lt Gen Thitirat Nongharnphithak said in a statement Monday, three days after authorities suspect him of robbing a Standard Chartered bank branch in the city-state using only a threatening note.

According to Major General Apichart Suriboonya, who heads Thailand’s Interpol unit, the suspected Canadian, flew from Singapore to Thailand last Thursday, arriving at 5.08pm. On Sunday, he was arrested at noon at Boxpackers Hostel in Bangkok.

Major General Apichart, who declined to name the suspect, said Thai Immigration has cancelled his right to stay in the Kingdom after receiving an arrest warrant from Singapore authorities. He is now being detained at an immigration detention centre in Bangkok.

When Thai police tried to questioned him, “he said nothing” and demanded to meet an officer from the Canadian embassy, however it was not possible as it was a Sunday and the embassy was closed.

The Singapore authorities are currently engaging with Thai authorites to see whether the Canadian suspect can be released into their custody.


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