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Axe Wielding Father High on Drugs Kills His 8 Year Son

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BANGKOK – A 29 year-old Thai man in Southern Thailand as hacked his 8-year-old son to death and seriously injured his wife with an axe in Lan Saka district of Nakhon Si Thammarat province on Sunday morning.

Police reported that Nathapong Nuchphuet, 29, high on Crystal Meth “ICE”, entered his home at Moo 3 village in tambon Kam Lon with an axe while his wife Mrs Anthida, 28, and son Kolawat slept at approximately 6:30am.

According to Thai Media villagers said Mr Nathapong had accused his wife of planning to leave him, and a heated argument between them followed.

He became extremely angry and hit Mrs Anthida with the axe, leaving a deep cut in her neck.

He then turned onto his 8 year-old son hitting him in the head, killing him instantly.

After the attacks, Mr Nathapong hid in the house and was later found and arrested by police.

Police say Mr Nathapong has a long record of drug use and has undergone treatment on many occasions but failed to stay clean.

He was initially charged with murder and attempted murder.