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Authorities Hunt for Indian Fugitive Terrorist Jaktar Singh Tara in Thailand’s Deep South



 Indian fugitive terrorist Jaktar Singh Tara

Indian fugitive terrorist Jaktar Singh Tara


BANGKOK – The Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) Region 4 is on a hunt for Indian fugitive terrorist Jaktar Singh Tara, who is believed to be traveling through Thailand.

The ISOC has instructed border control units to screen incoming visitors in a bid to locate Mr. Tara who escaped from an Indian prison and plans to travel to Malaysia via the South of Thailand. Indian authorities have recently met representatives of Thailand’s Defense Ministry over the matter.Pictures of Mr. Tara are on local police’s online wanted-list and security units in Sungai-Kolok are prepared to make an arrest as soon as a visitor’s appearance matched the description.

The fugitive is believed to be aided by the Islamic State movement. Once he passes through to Malaysia, it is reported that he would try to enter Pakistan to be reunited with other IS extremists.

Army Commander General Udomdej Seetabut

Army Commander General Udomdej Seetabut – Phot0- NNT


Meanwhile, Army Commander General Udomdej Seetabutr on Saturday visited Borthong Checkpoint in Nongjik District of Pattani Province in the Southern Region.

The visit was aimed at providing morale support to the officials and following up on the newly initiated ‘Tungyangdaeng Model’, a strategy mapped out to prevent arson attacks by perpetrators of violence.

The Army Commander was briefed by the local officials on their latest operation results. Borthong Checkpoint’s main purpose is to prevent and protect local motorists from any possible attack. Since its establishment 5 months ago, the number of violent incident has dropped drastically. There have been no reports of incident in the past 3 months in Borthong Sub-district.

Gen. Udomdej expressed his gratitude for the army personnel for their efforts in protecting the lives of the residents by putting their lives on the line. He also greeted them in person, providing the hard working officials the much-needed morale support. – NNT

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