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Austrian Kurt Schaumberger Found Hung in Bathroom in Surin Province






SURIN –  Pol Capt Thanakorn Puangchampa a duty officer at Thungmon police station in Prasat district in Surin has reported that 52-year-old Austrian Kurt Schaumberger was found hanged at his house in Surin’s Prasat district on Thursday.

Kurt Schaumberger, an Austrian national, was found hanging by a nylon rope in the bathroom of his house in tambon Prathadbu, Pol Capt Thanakorn Puangchampa, told the Bangkok Post Reporter.

Police investigators said there were no traces of a struggle in the bathroom, but some household items had been thrown on the floor in other rooms.

Doctors believed he had died at least two hours before his death was reported.

His wife Phuay Ninhud, 43, told police they had been together for three years. She did not know what work he did, only that he had received monthly transfers of several tens of thousands of baht from his home country.

He told her it was welfare money.

However, he had received no money for over six months. This caused him a lot of stress as the family had debts amounting to several hundred of thousand baht from construction of the house, she said.

Her husband was alone on Thursday morning. She had earlier gone to her cassava farm. When she returned home later in the morning she found many damaged household items scattered through the house. She then looked for her husband, and finally found him dead in the bathroom.

Police sent his body to Surin provincial hospital for a post-mortem examination to establish the cause of death.

By Nopparat Kingkaew


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