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Australian Facing attempted Murder Charges



Police handcuff Macintosh to bring him to the station.


CHIANGRAI TIMES – An Australian man is facing attempted murder charges after slashing a Thai man in the face in what he claimed was self-defense. Semus Michael Macintosh, 29, was taken into custody near the McDonald’s restaurant on Beach Road in South Pattaya around 4:45 a.m. April 10. He was holding a bloody 20-cm. knife when apprehended.

Nearby was 32-year-old Wattana Aumtai, who had suffered a 12 cm. cut to his face and was bleeding profusely.

Police Volunteer Samran Meebut said he came on the scene when Macintosh was assaulting Wattana and said he witnessed the Australian stab him once before kicking the suspect off the Thai man and calling police.

Macintosh defended himself, saying he had slashed Wattana in self-defense after the Thai had attacked him first. The Aussie was booked on attempted murder charges as police look into the matter more closely. – By  Boonlua Chatree

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