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Aussie Faces 5 Years in Prison for Shoplifting in Phuket, Thailand

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An Australian could be jailed for five years in Thailand after being accused of shoplifting, in Phuket Thailand. Police also suspect him of stealing $4,800 worth of sunglasses and designer handbags.

Phuket police arrested Ayden Depp, 38, for allegedly stealing a $1,400 drone from a Phuket gadget shop. After his arrest Phuket Police also found a cache of designer sunglasses and handbags in his apartment.

The police estimate the stolen property to be worth an estimated US$5,200.00

Depp was detained at Phuket International Airport when he returned to Thailand from Myanmar.

Phuket Tourist Police say Depp was captured on CCTV at the Central Floresta shopping mall on December 26. CCTV footage shows Depp leaving the store with the drone without paying it.

Police also claimed Depp allegedly confessed to stealing the drone after he was refused a refund for a faulty electric razor he bought previously at the store, Phuket News reported.

Police Major General Krissak Songmoonnak told reporters police found Chanel, Prada and other luxury brand bags they suspect were also allegedly stolen as Depp could not provide receipts.

Depp has been charged with theft of the drone as police continue their investigations into the other items.

‘We have also seized those items and we will contact department stores in the area to check if they have missing products,’ Police Major General Songmoonnak told reporters.

He urged any shop owners to report any missing items suspected of being stolen.

Police hope to get the case to court before Depp’s extended visa expires on February 2.


Tourist Police in Phuket Question Australian Ayden Depp

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