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Appeals Court Upholds ‘Karaoke Killers’ Murder Convictions

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An appeals court has upheld the the murder conviction of three women over the murder of a 22-year-old karaoke bar worker. Warisara “Am” Klinjui, a bar worker in Khon Kaen was brutally murdered then cut up and burred.

The defendants Preeyanuch “Preaw” Nonwangchai; Kawita Ratchada; Apiwan Sapbundit and Wasin Namprom were found guilty of murder last year by the lower court.

The murder sentences against Preeyanuch and Kawita were commuted to 34 years each due to their confessions. The lower court also commuted the jail term against Apiwan to 33 years, also due to her confession of murder.

Appeals Court Increases Charges and Sentence


The lower court ordered Wasin to serve a jail term of 23 years for assisting the three women in the murder. Also for helping to conceal Warisara‘s body.

Yesterday, the Appeal Court upheld the rulings against the three women. The Court also increased the severity of the charge against Wasin to conspiracy to murder Warisara.His jail sentence was increased to 34 years.

The court said Wasin drove the car in which Warisara had been attacked and later died. Had he refused to drive the car and take part in the murder, Warisara might not have been killed; and for that reason, he should also be held accountable, according to the court.

Warisara’s Murdered Body was Found in Khon Kaen in May 2017

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Wasin told authorities that Preeyanuch throttled Warisara, covered her head with a plastic bag and beat her to death.

Warisara’s dismembered body was disposed of on a plot of land owned by Miss Preeyanuch.

Investigators said Preeyanuch held a grudge against Warisara. She also believed the victim had divulged information to police which led to the arrest of Preeyanuch’s husband in a separate drugs case.

Police said Kawita and Apiwan also took turns driving the car and dismembering the body.

Preeyanuch’s older sister told police investigators that Preeyanuch had confessed to her that she had murdered Warisara.

Source: The Bangkok Post


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