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Young American Man Arrested for Shoplifting in Phuket, Thailand

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A 21 year-old American man has been detained on theft charges after he allegedly stole three brand-name wallets from a shopping mall in Phuket. Christopher Braman, 21, was apprehended at Central Phuket shopping mall for theft and overstaying his visa.

Pol Lt Col Thammasan Boonsong, deputy superintendent said police later took him to his rental room where they found three Gucci wallets.

Earlier, Ms Kanthima Niyakit, 37, manager of a Gucci shop at Phuket’s Floresta shopping mall, filed a complaint with police. Saying a male foreigner allegedly stole three Gucci wallets from her shop on Wednesday night.

The stolen items were one brown wallet; priced at 15,500 baht, a tiger-print wallet worth 13,440 baht; and also a bee-print wallet worth 14,100 baht.

Police examined CCTV footage at the shop and tracked down the suspect. The American was caught while walking at Central Phuket shopping mall on Thursday afternoon.

Mr. Braman, was charged with property theft and visa overstay.

Last month, Phuket police arrested Australian Ayden Depp, 38, for allegedly stealing a $1,400 drone from Floresta shopping mall. After his arrest Phuket Police also found a cache of designer sunglasses and handbags in his apartment.

The police estimate the stolen property to be worth an estimated US$5,200.00

Phuket Tourist Police say Depp was captured on CCTV at the Central Floresta shopping mall on December 26. CCTV footage shows Depp leaving the store with the drone without paying it.

Police also claimed Depp allegedly confessed to stealing the drone after he was refused a refund for a faulty electric razor he bought previously at the store, Phuket News reported.

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