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American Lloyd Dennis Hall Charged With Bank Robbery




Police were able to seize all the money that was stolen and the motorcycle he used to escape.


CHONBURI – US Citizen Lloyd Dennis Hall a 62 year old English teacher has been arrested on charges of Bank Robbery in Chonburi

Lloyd Dennis Hall

Province. Hall was traced to his apartment yesterday by detectives investigating the robbery which took place in a branch of the Bangkok Bank in a Tesco Lotus Mall during which the robbers passed a note to tellers, written in English and demanding cash.  In the note he also claimed to be armed with both a gun and a knife.

Police searching Hall’s apartment found over 350,000 baht , much of it still with Bank wrappers..  A detailed search also revealed a discarded crash helmet and shirt, similar in appearance to those used in the raid.  The bike, suspected as that  used in the getaway, was also found close by and Hall was removed to the local police station for questioning.

After several hours, during which he repeatedly denied any involvement in the robbery, Hall admitted the charges as the evidence was presented to him.  He is expected to be held in Prison until a trial date as this was a crime involving violence and he may be considered a flight risk

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