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79 Year-old British Expat Charged with Drunk Driving Causing Death in Central Thailand

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RAYONG – A British pensioner has been arrested in Central Thailand after allegedly crashing into a family’s car and killing a ten-year-old girl while he driving drunk.

Alan Jamieson, 79, from the UK, had been driving along a country road in Rayong when he was in a collision with a car just after midnight.

Thai Police alleged Mr. Jamieson smelled strongly of alcohol at the scene of the accident and tested positive for alcohol after a blood test. He was also driving without a license, police claim.

Captain Suchet Tepchali of the Rayong City Police said police were notified of the accident at 12.30am this morning.

Police look inside a Honda Civic Coupe which was reported to have been driven by Alan Jamieson

He said upon arriving at the accident scene, police found  the wreckage of a Mitsubishi pick-up truck and a Honda Civic being driven by a Alan Jamieson.

Police said both vehicles were badly damaged and the parents and a young girl had to be cut free from the wreckage in the Tapong district of the province.

The parents, Jirawat Sooknet, 31, and Jan Chaiwirat, 40, were rushed to hospital with daughter Pattharawadi Sooknet 10. Sadly, the ten-year-old girl died several hours later at 9.30am local time.

Captain Suchet told Thai media that the police are preparing to interview Mr. Jamison after his symptoms have improved. “He was found to have the symptoms of alcohol in his blood and did not have a driving license. We are preparing to prosecute him on behalf of the three victims in the crash.”

He has been charged with impaired driving and causing an accident resulting in death, he is being closely monitored.


Photo’s Courtesy of Thaiwrath

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