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76 Year-old Swiss Pensioner Assaulted in Pattaya by Tomboy



Swiss Retiree Walter Bruderer was found bleeding from a deep cut on his head

Swiss Retiree Walter Bruderer was found bleeding from a deep cut on his head



PATTAYA – Police in Pattaya are searching for two women in their 20’s after a 76-year-old Swiss man was assaulted after he rejected requests for money in Pattaya on Monday night.

Local police were informed of the assault about 10.30pm at a house on Batman alley off South Pattaya 2 Road in Bang Lamung district, Chon Buri.

They found 76 year-old retiree Walter Bruderer bleeding from a deep cut on his head. Rescue workers gave him first aid but he refused to go to a hospital right away.

Witnesses said that a young woman, his ex-girlfriend, visited him expecting to be given money as usual.  However, when the elderly Swiss man refused her latest demand, she became frustrated and angry and phoned a tomboy friend to come to the house.

After the The tomboy arrived they persisted on trying to extort the pensioner for money in frustration the tomboy smashed Mr. Brudereron on the head with a tile and they both made off with his motorcycle.

Police were hunting for the suspects, both in their 20s.

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