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60 Year-Old American Man Falls to His Death from Condo Balcony in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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CHIANG MAI – Police have reported that around approximately 1am on March 18th, police and a rescue team were called to a report that a body had been found at a condo in Chang Klan.

Upon arrival to the condo complex police found the body of a 60 year old American man.

The condo manager stated that the American man had been living there for nearly two years, adding that he lived at the condo alone but had many visitors. Earlier in the evening the condo manager said he saw the victim going off to a convenient store nearby.

Police checked footage from security cameras and saw the man standing on his balcony before falling. – Nation Photo

Police suspected that the deceased might have been suffering from depression, as he spent most of his time in the room. They also suggested that the incident may have been an accident, as the person in question could have dozed off and fallen from the balcony.

A conclusion has yet to be drawn, and his body has been sent to Suan Dok Hospital for autopsy.

Police later identified the name of the victim as Ruben Ponce, 60 and said they would notifying the family through the US Embassy. His body was sent for an autopsy at Chiang Mai Hospital.

Source: CityNews, The Nation

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