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50 Year Old Irishmen Jeffrey Carl Hewitt Found Dead, Floating One Mile off Pattaya Mainland



Sea Rescue Workers removed the body of Mr. Jeffrey Carl Hewitt from the water

Sea Rescue Workers removed the body of Mr. Jeffrey Carl Hewitt from the water.



PATTAYA -Marine Police have retrieve the body of 50 Year Old Irishman Mr. Jeffrey Carl Hewitt found floating around one kilometer off the shore of the popular Thai beach resort of Pattaya, local media has reported.

Pattaya’s Marine Police Police were informed at around 8.30am local time that the body of a foreigner had been found at sea and a team was sent to recover it.

Police reported that Mr. Hewit from Ireland was found only wearing shorts and was face down in the water, he was identified by his passport that was found in his pocket.

There were no visible marks on Mr. Hewitt’s body and Police are currently unsure if this was an accident or if foul play was a cause of his demise. (You don’t carry your passport in your shorts when going for a swim)

Pattaya Marine Police said they believed he drowned, but did not know the circumstances, the report said, and his body was being sent for a postmortem examination. Relatives were also being informed.

In February last year a 49-year-old Irishman plunged to his death from the 36th floor of a Pattaya apartment building, while in May an Irish tourist was reportedly attacked by a transgender prostitute.

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