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490 Foreigners Detained in Latest Operation Outlaw Foreigner Sweep in Thailand



BANGKOK – Immigration Police Bureau deputy chief Pol Maj-General Itthipol Itthisarnronnachai told a press briefing that Immigration Officials along with the Royal Thai Police had rounded up 490 foreigners in the latest Outlaw Foreigner Immigration sweep.

The sweep operation was the 46th such crackdown on foreigners in Thailand since the starting of Operation Outlaw Foreigner bringing the total number of locations searched to 7,145 and the number of arrests to 8,400, Pol Maj-General Itthipol Itthisarnronnachai said.

He said 338 of the people arrested were charged with entering Thailand illegally, 110 from Laos, 141 from Myanmar, 85 from Cambodia and one each from Vietnam and India.

Fourteen people – three each from India and Vietnam, two each from Laos and Cameroon and one each from Myanmar, Cambodia, Switzerland and the United States – are accused of overstaying their visas.

A variety of charges were hung on the other 138 people arrested, among them 85 Thais, most of whom allegedly failed to report within 24 hours they had foreigners staying on their premises.

The 27 from Myanmar, nine from Cambodia, four from Laos, three from India, two each from China, Vietnam and Russia and one each from France, Poland, South Korea and Canada allegedly either failed to report their stay at specified addresses or violated the law on Foreign Worker Management.

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