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15 Year-Old Girl and Boyfriend 19 Arrested for the Alleged Rape of 12-Year-old Autistic Sister and the Robbing of 73 Year-oldGrandmother

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SONGKHLA – Two teens were arrested in Southern Thailand on Wednesday afternoon after a 15-year-old girl allegedly let her boyfriend, 19, rape her 12-year-old autistic sister.

The accused girl and her boyfriend of three months, Sanpich Kobbai, 19, also allegedly returned to the girl’s home in Songkhla’s Sadao district, to rob her 73-year-old grandmother of a gold ring, Bt300 cash and a cellphone before fleeing.

The suspects phoned the victim’s 45-year-old father, who rushed his heavily bleeding daughter to hospital.

The teen insisted her boyfriend had not raped her sister. The boyfriend also denied the accusation, instead claiming his girlfriend had sodomised and seriously wounded her younger sister.

Police have charged the pair with rape of a minor under 13 and theft.

As neither had confessed, police will not have them re-enact the crime.

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They were held in separate cells at the Sadao police station on Thursday morning. No relatives had visited them or applied for bail release.

The granddaughter allegedly tied up, gagged and assaulted her grandmother, who has now reportedly disowned the teen.

“Even if she came to apologise to me I would not accept, because her heart is so dark and cruel to do these things,” she reportedly said. The teen and her autistic sister were cared for by the grandmother after their parents separated years ago.

The teen and her boyfriend were living with the grandmother and sister after the young man promised to marry her.

The teen’s father spoke to police on Thursday and urged them to prosecute both the daughter and her boyfriend. He was reportedly dismayed that the teen was sticking by the boyfriend and protecting him.

Police in the afternoon took Sanpich to the Na Thawee Court to apply for the first 12-day detention period. An initial police probe found he had been convicted and jailed for the rape of a minor in 2016.

The accused sister was sent to Songkhla’s Juvenile and Family Court for a detention application.


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