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Widow of Murdered Boiler Room Boss Wants Briton Toby Nelham Extradited from Cambodia



Somporn Kenway, widow of an accused British “boiler room” gangster shot dead in broad daylight near Pattaya is calling for the extradition of Toby James Nelham, 44,from Cambodia




JOMTIEN  – The widow of Briton Tony Kenway who was gunned down in broad dayligh in Pattaya is calling for the extradition of Toby James Nelham, 44, who reportedly ordered Kenway’s murder and was arrested in Sihanoukville last week.

According to the Pattaya Mail News, Somporn Kenway, went to Nongprue Police Station to push for the extradition of Nelham, believing that the UK was blocking Nelham’s extradition from Cambodia to Thailand, due to it having the death penalty.

Mr Nelham, 44, was arrested by Cambodian immigration police in Phnom Penh on Feb 15th and taken to Phnom Penh Municipal Court for questioning.

Toby Nelham is accused of hiring Briton Miles Dicken Turner, 24, and South African Abel Bonito Caldeira, 28, to kill Kenway after a falling out over their joint boiler room operation that swindled people in the U.K. and Australia out of their life savings through bogus investments.

Nelham allegedly owed Kenway 8 million baht and, when Nelham didn’t pay, Kenway ratted him out to police and tried to have him arrested. Nelham fled to Cambodia where he reportedly set up a similar call center operation which later failed, another thing for which he blamed Kenway.

After shooting Kenway as he sat in his red Porsche Cayenne outside the Sanit Sports Club in Pong Sub-district Jan. 24, Turner and Caldeira fled to Cambodia through a Trat province border crossing on Jan. 24th and remain at large.

Cambodian police released photos of the two men and issued a public call to find them, but Nop Sambo, deputy Sihanoukville immigration police chief, said authorities remained unsure of their whereabouts.

Cambodia’s General Commissariat of National Police,  Pol Gen Chhay Sinarith said he recently received a report of a murder allegedly committed by foreign suspects in Pattaya who fled to  Cambodia, however, Thai authorities had not requested Cambodia’s cooperation in arresting the suspects.

Meanwhile, Kenway’s wife, nicknamed “Paris”, reportedly was oblivious to all her husband’s nefarious businesses, even though he supposedly owned five properties and several expensive imported sports cars.

She insists he was simply the owner of a Jomtien Beach web design firm.

Sources: Pattaya Mail, Khmer Times, Bangkok Post


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