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Two Arrested Over Death of a Teenage Schoolgirl in Kanchanaburi



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Police in Western Thailand have arrested two young men in connection with the sexual assault and unexplained death of a teenage schoolgirl. Police apprehended the pair on Saturday after obtaining court warrants.

They were arrest on charges of depriving a schoolgirl aged under 18 of parental care and also performing indecent acts. The two young men were taken to a Kanchanaburi police station for interrogation.

The arrest of the young men follows that of Mr. Pongpat Nakpian, 22, who has also been charged with rape; performing an indecent act; and possession of illegal drugs. The provincial court approved his detention after rejecting his bail request.

The three suspects are said to be linked to the death of teenage schoolgirl “Nong Dao.” She was found dead in front of Mr. Pongpat grandmothers house on June 17. Kanchanaburi Police who examined her body noted traces of blood from her mouth and her nose. Furthermore police are awaiting the results of forensic tests to determine the exact cause of death.

Parents also believe schoolgirl drugged

The girl’s parents believed their daughter might have been drugged and that this led to her death. Kanchanaburi police, said on Friday that there might also be as many as five people involved in the case.

Thairath reported that a group of male friends drove to the girl’s house to pick her up on June 16. Her family was unable to contact her that night. They subsequently received a phone call from a friend of the girl, telling them she had been found dead. Her body was found on a wooden bench in front of a house in Tha Muang district.

The house owner, the grandmother of Mr Pongpat, told police she had found the girl lying dead on the bench on the morning of June 17. Even more she was unaware of how the girl had got there.

Thailand’s youth ordering drugs online

Pol Lt Gen Wisanu Prasartthong-osoth, a deputy national police chief, said drug criminals were becoming creative, with the internet a growing outlet for the illicit trade.

“Our children are making the wrong decision to order narcotic drugs online. And the dealers send to them.” He said Rising heroin use among young people is a worrying trend. Even more the drug dealers using social media is also very worrisome.

Jeremy Douglas, the UNODC regional representative, said online drug sales represented a worrying trend. Even more an oversupply of meth was pushing prices down adding to more drug abuse. “Above all we are looking now at an increase in drug availability. Very dangerous,” Douglas said.

Seizures of heroin from the Golden Triangle, one of the world’s largest production areas along the Myanmar-Laos-Thai border, have been rising every year, according to Narcotics Control Board.

Furthermore the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime which says the Golden Triangle remains the world’s largest heroin producing zone. Where drugs are smuggled into Thailand through porous borders before being distributed domestically and also globally.


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