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Three Thai Men Confess to Murdering British Millionaire and His Wife in Northern Thailand



PHRAE – Police have found the bodies of a British millionaire Alan Hogg and his Thai wife after three men confessed to their murder and claimed her elder brother paid them 50,000 baht to kill them.

Police detained the trio in Wang Chin district on Monday. After hours of intense interrogation, they admitted to having colluded in killing Alan Hogg, a 64-year-old retiree, and his wife Nod Suddaen, 61, at the couple’s home in Muang district.

The suspects, whose names were not released, implicated Warut Satchakit, Ms Nod’s brother, in the double murder, claiming he paid them 50,000 baht to do it.

Police and rescue workers dig deeper on the couple’s property and find their bodies buried about 2 metres deep, beside a creek. (Photo by Taweeporn Sukkasem)

They first shot dead Hogg, in front of a duck pen on the property, and then used a hammer to beat Nod, 61 to death in front of the garage

They said Mr Warut had taken the bodies away to bury in the victims’ garden.

Their bodies were found buried beside a creek running through their large property in Muang district on Tuesday, according to the Bangkok Post.

They were found lying next to each other in a hole about two metres deep.

Police and rescue workers had previously dug up the spot, where a small backhoe was found parked next to freshly turned soil, but found nothing.

On Tuesday, they dug deeper. Two pairs of shoes were found before the bodies were uncovered.

Forensic police inspect the house of the murdered couple (inset right) in Phrae’s Muang district on Friday.

The couple had been together for over 10 years and they had bought more than 100 rai of land in tambon Chor Hae, which they farmed. They had built a large, well-appointed house

They were reported missing from their house in Muang district last Thursday by a friend who said they had not replied to messages or phone calls since Tuesday, when they were supposed to have met up in Chiang Mai.

Investigators found out their white pickup truck was also missing.

Police later arrested Mr Warut after CCTV footage showed him entering the couple’s home and driving away in the pickup.

Mr Warut denied any involvement in their disappearance. He was charged with theft of the vehicle and released after relatives posted bail of 100,000 baht. Police were again searching for him.

The white pickup truck of Alan Scott Hogg and his Thai wife, Nod Suddaen, at Phra That Chor Hae police station in Muang district in Phrae on Monday. – Photo Taweeporn Sukkasem

Earlier on Monday, Pol Maj Gen Poonsap Prasertsak, chief of Provincial Police Region 6, said the investigation had progressed after the missing pickup truck was found in Ayutthaya. Everything would be clear in a few days, he added.

Pol Maj Gen Sanpat Prabpudsa, chief of Phrae police, said the truck was impounded in Ayutthaya on Sunday, and returned to Phra That Hor Chor Hae police station, near the couple’s home, for forensic examination.

Investigators learned the truck had been bought from a Thai couple by a Lao man. The sellers and buyer agreed to meet in Sri Samrong district in Sukhothai to close the deal on Friday.

The Lao man then drove it to Ayutthaya on business. When he learned from media reports that police were looking for the vehicle he turned it over to police on Sunday, Pol Maj Gen Sanpat said.

He and the two sellers were then taken to Phra That Chor Hae police station, near the missing couple’s home in Phrae, for interrogation.

By Taweeporn Sukkasem