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Thailand’s Justice Minister Orders Re-Opening of “Tomoko’s” Murder Case

“After police made no progress in the murder case, the DSI took it over on May 31, 2013. It also failed to find a suspect”



Thailand’s Justice Minister has ordered the murder case of Japan’s Tomoko Kawashita re-opened. The Japanese tourist was murdered in Sukhothai province more than a decade ago.

Department of Special Investigation (DSI) has been ordered to re-open the unsolved murder case.

Justice Minister Somsak Thepsuthin on Friday told the DSI, to once again look into the unsolved murder of Tomoko Kawashita. He asked investigators with DSI to try and shed new light on the decade old murder case.

The minister also admitted that his being an MP from the same northern province played a part in the decision to reopen the murder case.

Tomoko, 27, was stabbed to death, raped and robbed near Wat Saphan Hin in Muang district of Sukhothai on May 25, 2007. After police made no progress in the case, the DSI took it over on May 31, 2013. It also failed to find a suspect according tho the Bangkok Post.

Tomoko’s parents traveled to Thailand in 2017, seeking answers from the DSI about the death of their daughter.

The Central Institute of Forensic Science, also under the ministry, conducted DNA tests on 300 samples, and a 2-million-baht reward was offered for evidence leading to the apprehension of the killer or killers. All without result.

Mr Somsak said DSI investigators should expand the scope of the investigation from the place where Tomoko’s body was found to other areas. This could result in previously undiscovered evidence being found. The unresolved case was damaging the country’s tourist image, he added.

The statute of limitations in the case expires in 2027.

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