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Thailand’s Anti Human Trafficking Task Force (TATIP) Takes Down Ugandan Prostitution Ring




BANGKOK – Thai authorities have broken what they believe to be a major transnational human trafficking operation responsible for the trafficking of hundreds of Ugandan women into Thailand and on to other parts of Asia.

According to aecnewstoday,  the ‘grandmother’ of human trafficking of Ugandan girls also known as ‘Sadaa’, a Ugandan was arrested from her Bangkok apartment after 23 Ugandan women were taken into custody during a sweep by police and immigration authorities along Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok.

Police Lieutenant General (Pol Lt. Gen.) Jaruvat Vaisaya, head of the Thailand Anti Trafficking told a press conference that in the last several weeks arrest warrants for 30 Ugandan human traffickers had been issued, with 15 Ugandan human trafficking victims being freed from their captors.

Additionally, three human traffickers had already been tried before a new ‘fast-track’ court system established to ensure a speedy prosecution of human trafficking cases, reducing the time victims are required to remain to give evidence.

So far seven Uganda human trafficking victims had been returned home, with two other cases in the pre-trial stage, while 30 more Ugandan women are currently at the immigration department International Detention Center (IDC) in Bangkok being processed and assisting police in their inquiries.

Pol Lt. Gen. Vaisaya said the victims had told similar stories of being promised good paying jobs working in supermarkets and other segments of the Thailand services sector, and given money prior to leaving Uganda.

“Once they get to Thailand they are told there is no job, the money they were given at home and any other money they have is taken off them, and they are told they have a debt to pay. – Continue reading…

By  John Le Fevre – AEC News


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