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Thai Police Investigate British Couples Claims they Were Drugged, Robbed and Raped in Phuket



Gerald Drumgoole and his husband Michael Burnett were attacked on a night out in Phuket after their drinks were spiked.



PHUKET – Police Deputy Commander Peerayuth Karajedee in Phuket is looking into allegations that a British couple was drugged, robbed and then raped during their Christmas Holiday on the Island.

There story came to light after it was reported by Belfast Live in northern Ireland and then brought to the attention of Phuket’s Provincial Police, Deputy Commander Peerayuth Karajedee told the Phuket Gazette that so far, no report of the incident has reached us, but we will ‘look into it’ further.

Gerald Drumgoole and Michael Burnett, said they were attacked and robbed of 400 pounds and their iPhones after their drinks were spiked at a Phuket bar on New Year’s Eve. However, they did not reveal the name of the bar, the hotel they were staying at, or who they believe was behind the incident.

The couple also added that “Police in Phuket just laughed when we reported our attack. It seems that kind of thing happens regularly,” but they have not provided details of where and when the complaint was filed.

According to the Belfast Live new report, Gerald and Michael – both 33 – returned to Belfast on Wednesday before undergoing medical tests with their own GP which confirmed they had been raped.

It was their sixth trip to Thailand, but following last month’s attack they have vowed never to return.

“We have been to Thailand before, but we have never experienced anything like this,” Gerald told Belfast Live.

On the night we were attacked Michael and I decided to go out for some drinks to celebrate New Year’s Eve. We had a beer in one bar and then moved on to another. It was in the second bar that our drinks were spiked with a date-rape drug.

“After that we can’t remember anything. It was only well after the attack took place that we realised that we had been attacked and raped.

“We went to our own doctor in Belfast who confirmed we had been raped. It has just been a very traumatic time for both of us. We have had to be tested for HIV and given an HPV vaccine and tested for syphilis.

The couple added that their insurance provider OUL Direct “abandoned them” during their holiday nightmare.

Gerald Drumgoole said they tried to contact OUL Direct before deciding on which hospital to go to in Phuket. We phoned for five days and all they kept telling us was that they would send an email on and get someone to call us.

On the fifth day my family back in Belfast got in touch with the British Embassy in Bangkok and we finally got sent to a hospital, but the hospital wouldn’t accept our insurance documents.

We then got sent to a private hospital, which insurance companies don’t usually do, but because of our case they got us into this facility. The insurance company also said they would cover all charges, because they knew we had no money after being robbed.

“It was agreed that our excess fee would be paid, but after we received the treatment we were told we had to pay it.”

Gerald also claimed OUL Direct told the couple to leave the hospital without paying, as long as they still had possession of their passports.

“They basically told us to flee the hospital. That is completely illegal. We could have ended up in a Thai prison,” Gerald said.

“That would have been another complete nightmare. The police in Phuket just laughed when we reported our attack. It seems that kind of thing happens regularly.”

Gerald has demanded an apology from OUL Direct following their holiday from hell.

“The insurance company have said they they are investigating the couples claims and take all complaints very seriously and are sorry that this situation has occurred.



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