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Thai Criminologist Doubtful in Koh Tao Hanging Suicide of Dimitri Povse



Associate Professor Charnkanit Krittiya Suriyamanee

Associate Professor Charnkanit Krittiya Suriyamanee – Photo Thai PBS

BANGKOK – Thai Criminologist and Associate Professor Charnkanit Krittiya Suriyamanee has voiced his support for calls by social media and relatives that police and forensic experts to look for more evidences to determine the exact cause of the death of Dimitri Povse.

Dimitri Povse was was found dead hung in his bungalow on New Year’s Day with his hands tied behind his back.  Koh Tao Police suspected he committed suicide over an unwanted love afair?

Associate Professor Charnkanit Krittiya Suriyamanee, a criminologist and lecturer at the faculty of social science and humanities of Mahidol University, said he doubted the suicide theory citing some irrelevant evidences.

He said that the victim had been drunk to the extent that he was unable to control himself, he would not have been able to tie himself up so tightly that he died of suffocation.

Had he hanged himself, the professor pointed out that the bruises should have appeared on the neck than on his wrists.  Also, he noted that the several pieces of rope which were used in the suspected suicide appeared to be different which might suggest that the death was not caused by suicide.

The wound on the victim’s elbow could have been inflicted by someone else, he said.

He also suggested that it was not too late to check the level of alcohol in the body of the dead victim to find out if he was drunk or not. – Thai PBS

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