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Thai Authorities Seek the Extradition of Swede Andreas Ringvall for Murder of New Zealand Man



 Ringvall and his Thai girlfriend, Dao Pholutsa, 26 at crime scene of killing in Pattaya 2012

Ringvall and his Thai girlfriend, Dao Pholutsa, 26 at crime scene of killing in Pattaya 2012


BANGKOK – Thai Authorities are set to seek the extradition of Andreas Ringvall a 40-year-old Swedish man suspected of murder, which is punishable by death in Thailand, who jumped bail and returned to Sweden.

Sinard Ajhanwong, head of Thai Interpol, said “We will make the request whether the Swedish authorities will hand him over, we don’t know.”

New Zealander Robert Hollick

New Zealander Robert Hollick

The man is wanted in connection with the killing of a 43-year-old New Zealand man Robert Hollick outside a bar in Pattaya in August 2012.

Andreas Ringvall brutally stabbed New Zealander Robert Hollick three times in his neck and back and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Andreas Ringval was released on bail three days later after paying more that $20,000.

Unusually Andreas Ringval’s passport was returned in October after a Pattaya court granted permission for a two-week visit to Sweden. Andreas Ringval never returned.

Thai police have now opened an investigation into why the man was allowed to leave the country while under suspicion for murder, with investigators seek to assess whether any officials accepted bribes in Pattaya.

Murder is a capital offense in Thailand and this would render an extradition from Sweden extremely unlikely.

Sinard Ajhanwong explained that Thai police are aware that the extradition request may fail and therefore have an alternative plan to seek the man’s prosecution for murder in a Swedish court.

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