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Senior Bangkok Policeman Charged Over the Murder of his Wife



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A senior policeman in Bangkok has been charged with the murder of his wife after key evidence emerged contradicting his claim she committed suicide. Metropolitan Police said on Monday that Pol Capt Songklod Boonsong, a deputy inspector has been charged with shooting and killing his wife, Pimchadaporn Phuyaemsai.

Police Investigators had not yet decided on the specific charge, whether it was or wasn’t premeditated murder. Pol Capt Songklod was called in to hear the charge and denied murder his wife.

He said he had a quarrel with his wife, and his .45 pistol was unintentionally fired as she was trying to grab it. The charges of murder was brought against Pol Capt Songklod after tests detected gunpowder residue on his hand.

According to the Bangkok Post Ms. Pimchadaporn, 30, was found dead on a sofa on the first floor of their house on Saturday. Police called to the scene reported she had a gunshot wound on the left side of her head.

Pol Capt Songklod, was at the scene waiting for them.  He said that his wife had shot herself and he had afterwards moved the pistol for safe-keeping to the second floor of the house.

His wife’s body was taken to her family home in Kalasin province in northeastern Thailand for funeral rites. Her relatives said she would not be cremated until her death was fully investigated.

His wife’s mother and elder brother were among many people who did not believe she had killed herself. They said she was not left-handed. “My daughter was right-handed, but the shot to her head was on her left,” her mother said.

The brother said his sister also knew nothing about guns. She earned her living selling clothing and was active live on her Facebook page shortly before she died.

Police in Bangkok Find Indian Man Dead with Throat Slashed

Metro Bangkok police have reported an Indian man was found dead with his throat slashed, and a compatriot suffering from knife wounds. The crime happened at a six-story building in Bangkok’s Bang Sue district on Monday night.

The dead India man was found on the rooftop deck of the building when police and emergency responders arrived. Bangkok Police, said that the man had his throat slashed. He also had a deep knife wounds to his left temple and two knife wounds to his left chest.

He was lying face down. Police found no documents on his body, Bangkok police said.

A sharp-pointed knife was found near the body. There was also a bottle of alcohol and one black canvas shoe nearby. There were blood stains leading from the roof to an area in front of a room on the third floor of the building.

Another Indian man, identified later as Shyam Sagar Singh, 35, was found injured in front of the room. He had a severe laceration to his right ankle. He was rushed to Vajira Hospital.

Bangkok police hunt for third Indian man

A woman tenant living on the third floor told police she heard a loud noise coming from upstairs. She thought that someone had knocked something over. A short time later, there was a knock on her room door. When she opened it, she saw an Indian man bleeding heavily from a injured leg. The Indian man stayed in the room opposite hers.

She called police, and later learned that another man was found dead on the roof. The two men stayed in the same room, but she had never heard them quarrel, the tenant said.

Bangkok Police told reporters security camera footage showed a third Indian man arriving at the building before the incident. The man later left.

Police were searching Bangkok for the third Indian man, to question him.

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