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Scottish Father Searches for Son in Pattaya, Fears Son Was Murdered



Steven Balfour's passport and belongings were found in his hotel room, resort manager, Mike Williams said.

Steven Balfour’s passport and belongings were found in his hotel room, resort manager, Mike Williams said.



PATTAYA -The father of Scotsman Steve Balfour believes his son has been murder in the resort town of Pattaya after he vanished more than a month ago following reports he was knocked unconscious by a “large American”.

Archie Balfour, 56 said his son ex-soldier Steve Balfour disappeared on one of his regular trips to the country to see his six-year-old daughter Georgina, who lives with her Thai mum in Pattaya.

He has not been seen since May 14, and his passport and belongings were found in his hotel room, resort manager, Mike Williams said. “We found his passport and all his possessions in the room, which was untouched.

“We reported him missing to the British Embassy in Bangkok and to offices in London but nothing has been done since.

“The Thai police can’t really do anything until the British Embassy get involved, and that hasn’t happened.

Steve’s close friend Caroline Steel, 36, who has known him since they were children, said she chatted to him regularly online before he went missing.

Steve, 35, split from wife Nan Kidaw in a bitter divorce last year and his close friend has claims that he said during a Facebook chat: “If anything ever happens to me, it’s her that’s done it.”

Steve’s dad Archie Balfour, 56, who served with him in the Royal Scots, told the Daily Record: “Only two things could have happened to Steven. Either he has committed suicide or he has been killed.

“I know for a fact that he would never take his own life. He completely doted on Georgina and did everything for her – which only leaves one thing. “We are certain he has been killed or murdered.”

Steve’s best friend in Thailand, former Scots Guard Malcolm Farquharson, has been searching for him for the last two weeks.

Malcolm said he was working offshore when Steve disappeared.

“I couldn’t believe nothing had really been done. I took his photo everywhere, to the bars and golf clubs we used, but the last anyone saw of him was on the night of May 14.

“We’ve tried to get help from the local embassy but they don’t seem interested, probably because they get so many missing people each year.

“But this is very different. Steve was not a tourist, he knew Thailand, got married here and had a daughter here who he absolutely loved.

“Something very bad has definitely happened to him.”

A Foreign Office spokesman said yesterday: “We are supporting the family of a British national reported missing in Thailand on June 1.

“We will remain in close contact with the local authorities as they continue their search.”

Police Scotland said officers in Rosyth were liaising with Steve’s family “to provide any support they may require” the Daily Record Reported.


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