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Russian Woman Killed Saving Her Child in Chonburi



A Russian mother was hit and killed by an 18-wheeler truck on Sukhumvit Road after she pushed her daughter out of the truck’s path. Her daughter, less than 2 years old, had dashed onto the street while the parents were buying fruit.


CHONBURI – A 30-year-old Russian woman was killed while saving her year-and-seven-month-old daughter from getting hit by an 18-wheel trailer truck in Chon Buri’s Sattahip district early Saturday morning.

Responding to reports of an accident at 1am, Na Jomtien Police found the Russian woman’s body in the left lane of Sukhumvit (Pattaya-Sattahip) Road opposite the Dor-Shada Hotel. Her injured daughter had already been rushed to Krungthep Pattaya Hospital.

Truck driver Supachai Kanchanakrajang, 21, who surrendered to police at the scene, said he was heading home after making a delivery in Pattaya City when he heard screams and looked in the rear-view mirror to see that he had run over a person, so he made a U-turn.

Witness Wilawan Sriboribun said the woman, her husband and daughter were shopping for fruit when the daughter ran onto the road in front of the truck.

When her mother turned to see her daughter on the street, she ran to push her daughter out of the truck’s path. But in doing so, the mother got hit by the truck and sacrificed her life to save her daughter.

The woman’s daughter, identified as Victora Kolchanuva, about 1 year and 7 months old was rushed to the emergency room of Bangkok-Pattaya hospital.


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