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Previously Blacklisted Swedish Man Arrested in Phuket



PHUKET – A Swedish man who had been deported and blacklisted for drug possession has been arrested in the Kathu district pf Phuket.

Jesse Joakim Dahlstroem, 38, was apprehended at a room at Dee condominium in tambon Kathu on Tuesday evening by a team of tourist and immigration police, following a tip-off that a foreigner with a blacklist record was staying there.

After checking immigration record, officers did not find his entry into the country but found he used to be charged with having illicit drugs (cocaine) and was deported to his country.

He was also put on the immigration blacklist.

The man failed to produce travel documents when asked by the arresting officers.

He admitted that he had snuck into the country across the Thai-Malaysian border in Sadao district, Songkhla. He had not passed through the immigration checkpoint.

A background check found he had previously been arrested in Thailand and charged with possession of cocaine. He was deported home to Sweden and his name put on the immigration blacklist. No other details were given.

Immigration officers confirmed there was no record of him entering the country this time.

Police took him for a urine test and it tested positive for illicit drug use.

He was charged with being a foreign national illegally staying in the country and taking illicit drugs. He was held in police custody for legal action.

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