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Motorist Arrested for Purposely Obstructing Ambulance, Patient Dies



Motorist Arrested for Purposely Obstructing Ambulance, Patient Dies

A motorist has been arrested after he obstructed an ambulance rushing to pick up a patient that later died on the way to Hospital. The motorist faces charges of obstructed an ambulance and drink-driving.

Police from a Samut Prakan police station were called to the motorists house around 10pm on Tuesday. They received a complaint that a motorist, was apparently under the influence of alcohol. The motorist had cut in front of an ambulance on the way to pick up a patient and forced the ambulance to stop so he could berate the rescue crew.

Whn police arrived at the motorist home they found a group of rescue workers had gathered in front of a house, where a Toyota sedan with Bangkok license plates was parked.

The vehicle owner, later identified later as  Mr Samrit Maneerit, 38, was inside the house.

He appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and was taken to the Samut Prakan police station. A blood alcohol test returned a reading of 190 milligrams, well beyond the legal limit of 50 milligrams. Police charged him with drink-driving and obstructing an ambulance.

The ambulance nurse said they were returning from a patient delivery on Tuesday night and got an emergency call while they were in front of Samut Prakan provincial hall. They were dispatched to pick up a patient who was being given CPR at his house. The driver then turned on the ambulance siren and emergency lights, she said.

Patient died in Ambulance

On the way, a car travelling alongside the ambulance suddenly cut in front of them. The vehicle stopped, blocking the lane and obstructing the ambulance. The motorist got out and began scolding the ambulance crew, the nurse said.

She used a mobile phone to videotape the incident.

The man then got back into his sedan and drove off and the ambulance proceeded to the house.

Sadly the patient, Mr Pracha Boribun, 46, who had suffered a seizure and breathing problems at his home. He later died on the way to Samut Prakan Hospital.

The man’s family planned to file a complaint against the motorist, charging him with causing death or committing an act intentionally causing death, the Bangkok Post reported.

Mr Samrit has since admitted to his wronging and apologized for his actions. He claimed the ambulance came very close to his car, which angered him.

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