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Man Surrenders to Police Over Stabbing Murder of Ex-Girlfriend



A 26-year-old man has surrendered to police in southern Thailand and confessed to the murder of his former girlfriend. She was found dead with multiple stab wounds in her car in Songkhla on Thursday night.

Mr. Natthaphat Somkid, 26 was escorted by members of his family to Songkhla police station, Thai media reported.

He was the prime suspect in the murder of Soontree Samutararat, 29, a teacher at school in Songkhla.

Mr Natthaphat allegedly confessed to the murder charges and police took him to the crime scene to look for the murder weapon. He told police he threw the knife into trees on the roadside.

The murder was reported to police about 10.30pm on Thursday, on the Koh Taeo-Sam Kong Road in Songkhla.

Police at the crime scene, where a brutally stabbed woman was found murdered in her car in Muang district of Songkhla province.

Police said she had been stabbed eight times, in the face and torso. The severity of the wounds pointed to the killer’s intense anger. A pair of woman’s shoes were left at the driver’s seat.

Investigators found drops of blood on the road, but no murder weapon, according to the Bangkok Post.

Police quoted eyewitnesses as saying the car had parked there, and then a man and a woman were heard quarreling, before she ran from the vehicle.

Police said the woman arrived there with her ex-boyfriend. She fled from the car but was stabbed near it and collapsed. The assailant then carried his murder victim back to the car and placed her in the passenger seat.

The blood-soaked body was in the front passenger seat, her head resting on the dashboard, of a black Honda City car registered in Krabi.

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