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Laos Drug Lord Loses his Appeal, Court Upholds Life Sentence



An Appeals Court has upheld a life sentence for Lao drug lord Xaysana Keopimpha for smuggling 1.2 million meth pills in 2016. The court dismissed his appeal that Thai authorities had misunderstood him.

In its ruling the Appeal Court found Xaysana, 44, had arranged for the drugs to be smuggled from Laos. He used a vehicle with a false compartment in the roof to conceal the drugs.

Although this happened outside of Thailand the crime was intended to be committed in Thailand. Therefore he must serve his term in Thailand, the court ruled.

Xaysana was arrested arriving from Phuket at Thailand Suvarnabhumi international airport in Samut Prakan province on Jan 19, 2017

Last year a Criminal Court sentenced Xaysana to death, commuted to life imprisonment, after a confession. He was sentenced for smuggling 1.2 million meth pills through Nong Khai province border.

The drugs were seized in September 2016 and his drugs smuggling network arrested. The meth pills were reportedly destined for Malaysia, the Bangkok Post reported.

Drug lord Xaysana was later arrested at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport on Jan 19, 2017. After arriving on a flight from Phuket.

Since the drug lords arrest, Xaysana has been detained at the Central Correctional Institution for Drug Addicts.

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