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Japanese Woman Accused of Fraud in Japan Extradited from Thailand



Setsuko Yamabe, who allegedly ran an illegal multimillion-yen pyramid investment scheme and was escaping to Thailand, arrives at Tokyo’s Haneda airport on Wednesday. Photo KYODO

BANGKOK – A Japanese woman wanted by Kumamoto police for allegedly defrauding dozens of people out of millions of yen was arrested Wednesday after being extradited from Thailand.

Setsuko Yamabe, 62, a native of Kumamoto Prefecture, was placed under arrest by police, who accompanied her on the flight from Bangkok, shortly before landing at Tokyo’s Haneda airport.

She is alleged to have illegally invested almost ¥70 million from a Japanese man and others by guaranteeing the principal and promising high returns.

Using the same method, she allegedly amassed more than ¥700 million from dozens of other people between 2014 and 2016, according to police. Some victims who lost their money fell into depression and a suicide was even reported.

She had been arrested by Thai immigration police on March 30 at a gas station in the northeastern province of Ubon Ratchathani.

The Kumamoto police had earlier issued a warrant for Yamabe’s arrest for violating the Investment Deposit and Interest Rate Law.

Yamabe entered Thailand 15 times in the past several years, most recently in January as a tourist, and had applied for an extended stay until April 19.

A Kumamoto police team visited the Thai Immigration Bureau headquarters in Bangkok on Tuesday morning and handed investigators there a letter of appreciation.

Source: Japan Times

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