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It’s Official Dimitri Povse’s Death on Koh Tao Deemed a Suicide




KOH TAO – Police on the Island of Koh Tao have declared the death of French National Dimitri Povse, 29, who body was found hanging from a ceiling with his hands tied behind his back a suicide?

His death has been widely discussed on social media as bloggers questioned the circumstances around Mr. Povse’s death. Asking how can a man hang himself with his hands tied behind his back?Police said they found Dimitri Povse’s body suspended from the ceiling of a bungalow called Ta Chin that he had rented.
He was wear red trousers, his hands were bound behind his back with a black string and his neck was attached to a beam of a balcony with a black rope. Police said his neck showed bruising from the rope.
According to Coconuts Bangkok PoliceLt. Gen.SomsakNoorod said there were no signs of a fight or a struggle. There was hand written note on his bed that said, in French, “Iris, I love you. Suicide seems easy but it is actually difficult.”

Povse’s friends claimed they had gone out with him to a bar called Next Door on New Year’s Eve until 5am before moving to Experience Party and staying there until 11am. His friends returned to their guesthouses, leaving him drinking alone.

Police and physicians carried out an autopsy and believe that the cause of death was asphyxiation. The case is being treated as a suicide.

Lt. Gen. Somsak Noorod, Phangan police commander, said authorities have questioned many witnesses but did not find a motive for homicide.

Friends of Povse said he was interested in a foreign woman on Koh Tao, but his love was apparently unrequited?

Somsak added that since Povse’s hands were only loosely tied, he may have inserted his hands into the rope just before committing suicide.

The French Embassy has been notified of his death and his body has been sent to Koh Tao Temple in Surat Thani’s Koh Pha-ngan district.

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