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Five Children Among 20 Migrants Rescued from Traffickers



SONGKHLA – Twenty scared and hungry Burmese migrants (including 5 children) have been rescued after being locked in a warehouse by human traffickers in the Southern Province of Songkhla, Saturday.

Local village residents told the authorities that they had heard the sound of children crying for several days in the usually deserted warehouse in Sadao district.

Police General Suchart Thirasawat, an inspector-general in charge of an anti-human trafficking unit, led the rescue operation on Saturday night.

“We found the building heavily locked from outside and could we hear women and children crying inside,” he said.

The locks were soon broken open, revealing the migrants sitting in the dark without windows or electricity.

There were five children, the youngest a toddler, and nine adult men and six women.

“All of them were glad to see us,” Police General Suchart said.

They told the anti-human trafficking unit police they’d been locked up for five days without food, surviving only on rainwater trickling in.

It appears they were smuggled in from Myanmar and were destined for Malaysia.

Police General Suchart vowed to catch the human traffickers.

Source: The Nation


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