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Evil Mother Arrested for Prostituting Her Mentally Challenged Daughter

Pol Col Songphol said to date, 6 men falling victim to the sex scam of the mother. They have filed complaints against the mother and her gang members.



An evil mother has been arrested for allegedly prostituting her mentally handicapped daughter and extorting seven men. After which she blackmailed them into paying as much as 250,000 baht.

Ms Kannanat, 39,was apprehended at a condominium room in Bangkok, said police reported.

The woman was wanted on an arrest warrant issued by the Udon Thani court for extortion and wearing a government uniform.

Earlier, a 24 man, filed a complaint with police in Udon Thaini on July 18 this year. He stated that Ms. Kannanat and Ms. Yingluck Yoo-in allegedly extorted money from him.

Consequently accusing them of allegedly taking a 19-year-old mentally handicapped woman to sleep with him.

He told police that he had met the 19 year-old via “Badoo’’ dating application. He later asked for her phone number and arranged to meet her on June 3. When he met her, he found her good-looking but seldom spoke.

He then took her to sleep at a resort in Udon Thani. On the following day, he took her the bus terminal to board a bus to her house.

Women wearing government uniforms

Ms Kannanat, 39, left, is arrested for prostituting her daughter,  police seize government uniforms from her house in Udon Thani.

Shortly later, he received a phone call from his father that two women, both wearing government uniforms, came to his house. One of them insinuated he had lured her daughter to have sex and threatened to arrest him.

He rushed to his home to meet the women. Ms Kannanat, claiming to be a teacher in Sakon Nakhon. She told him she was the mother of the girl, while Ms Yingluck claimed she was her aunt.

Ms Kannanat told him that the girl’s father was a deputy superintendent of the Nam Som police station. She said if her husband knew about the alleged sexual abuse, he would face charges. Above all depriving a girl of parental care.

She demanded 250,000 baht from him in exchange for not bringing the case to police. He had asked to pay 50,000 baht in advance and the remaining 200,000 baht on June 8, The Bangkok Post Reported.

He also had to engage with the girl and promise to support her education to the university level.

Two weeks later, he went to the girl’s house in Nam Som district and spent the night. There he met a man that told him that he had fallen victim to the girl’s mother. The man said that the girl was mentally handicapped and was being used by her mother to extort money from men.

The man said he pitied the young man and decided to tell the story, according to Thai Media.

19 year-old girl could neither read nor write

Police display uniforms seized from the house of a woman arrested for taking her mentally handicapped daughter to sleep with men.

Police later summonsed Ms Yingluck for questioning. She told police that the mother colluded with her and others to list her daughter on the Badoo dating app to find victims. The 19 year-old girl could neither read nor write, said Ms Yingluck.

The mother arranged for transportation to take her daughter to meet the man, who later took the girl to sleep with him. The woman had allegedly also taken her daughter to extort money from six other men.

Police had obtained evidence and later sought court approval to arrest Ms Kannanat. She was caught at the condominium in Samrong Nua area of Bangkok on Dec 25th. Her 19 year-old daughter was also found in the room during the raid.

The mother was taken to the police station for interrogation, police also seized government uniforms from her home.
Ms Kannanat denied the extortion charges, but admitted she wore the uniforms.

Pol Col Songphol Boribanprasert, deputy chief of Udon Thani police, said the woman had changed her name 10 times. She faced more than 10 arrest warrants on numerous extortion charges.

Pol Col Songphol said to date, 6 men falling victim to the sex scam of the mother. They have filed complaints against the mother and her gang members.

Source: The Bangkok Post

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