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Depraved American Expat Arrested after Exposing Himself to Children in Northern Thailand



MAE HONG SON – An American National has been arrested and charged with drunk and disorderly and public nudity after exposing himself in front of children before a bystander dragged him into a police station.

Michael Warren Stillinger, 65, pounced on the group of kids – some as young as two – outside a temple in Pai, in Northern Thailand.

CCTV footage shows the American chasing the youngsters and hugging one little girl before her friend pulls her away.

In further disturbing images, Stillinger was then seen dropping his trousers to expose his penis while allegedly telling the kids ”I love you”.

Horrified resident Tom Baroni, 37, arrived and dragged Stillinger to the police station where he was fined just 500 baht (£11.34) for ”public nudity”.

He was also slapped with another 500 baht penalty for ”being drunk in public leading to disorderly conduct”.

Mr. Stillinger was released but has since been arrested a second time after police in Chiang Mai reviewed CCTV and started procedures to blacklist the tourist for being a ”danger to children”.

Tom, originally from Sweden, said: ”He pulled down his pants and showed his private parts to a group of seven or eight children aged between two and nine in the Pakham temple, while saying ‘I love you, I love you’.

”After questioning the kids about the incident, and all of them confirmed the same story, I called the police.”

Stillinger, from Portland, Oregon, was later filmed drunkenly ranting at the police station – branding Tom a ”demon”.

Tom added: ”My goal is to make Thai authorities blacklist this guy from ever entering Thailand again.

”He said he lives in India and is waiting to go back there and stay for six months.

“He said he is involved with an orphanage there. It is shocking what he did.”

Police Major General Bandit Tungkasan said: ‘Police investigated the case of Michael Stillinger, aged 65, an American citizen of being naked with children and attempting to perform a lewd act with children.

He said Police reviewed the ‘CCTV footage again after complaints from parents and we considered this person very dangerous and it is not appropriate for him to stay in Thailand. ‘

Police also discovered that his visa had expired, so the man was living in Thailand illegally at the time the attack occurred.

Stillinger has been blacklisted from Thailand and authorities are arranging his extradition back to the US where he may face further criminal charges.