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Death of Young Finnish Stewardess in Phuket Still a Mystery



Finnish Stewardess Sirja Ida Sofia Konttila was a 28-year-old from Salo, Finland was found dead in her Phuket Hotel room on Jan 17, 2018

PHUKET – Police in Phuket have yet to determine the cause of death of a young stewardess from Finland. The woman was found dead in her hotel room on Wednesday morning.

Housekeeping staff of a hotel in Phuket’s Sa Khu sub-district made the discovery after she had entered the room at about 10:45 to clean it and found the woman unconscious in front of the bathroom. “I thought she had just fainted,” the maid told police later. “So I asked a co-worker to help to carry her to the bed.”

What the two did not know at this point: The woman was already dead. “The maids called the rescue service who, when they arrived and found out that she had died, informed us at around 11:00,” Pol Lt Junat Suwonranin told journalists. The deputy investigator who serves at Sa Khu Provincial Police Station was assigned to the case.

“When we arrived, hotel staff led us to room no. 4011 where the woman had been staying,” Pol Lt Junat said. “We found her laying on the bed on her side. Apart from a bed sheet covering her waist, she only wore a black top. The rest of her body was naked.”

Sirja Ida Sofia Konttila a stewardess for Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia

A medical examiner briefly inspected the body but could not find any visible injuries or signs of violence. The room was tidy and did not show anything unsuspicious, leading Pol Lt Junat to assume that the young woman was unlikely a victim of a crime. However, police found vomit in a bin which might indicate a serious health condition.

After going through her personal belongings, police learned the identity of the dead woman. Sirja Ida Sofia Konttila was a 28-year-old from Salo, Finland. Her profile on Facebook showed that worked as a stewardess for Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia. According to the flight history on, Ms Konttila had arrived in Phuket on January 15 at 16:30 via the flight DK2532 from Helsinki to Phuket.

Police spoke to some of the staff of the hotel who said the eleven-person flight crew had booked the hotel from January 15 to January 19. Asking other crew members of DK2532, police learned that Ms Konttila spent the night before drinking champagne with five Finnish friends before she went back to her room.

“At this point, the cause of death is still unknown,” Pol Lt Junat admitted. While rescue workers of the Kusoldharm Phuket Foundation transported the body to the Forensic Laboratory at Surat Thani Hospital for a thorough post-mortem examination, Sa Khu continued their investigation. “We will interview the entire hotel staff and check the CCTV footage for evidence,” lead investigator Pol Lt Junat said.

Source: Farang Deaths

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