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Darren Taylor an Expat from the UK has Been Found Dead in Bangkok



Taylor, 34, originally from Everton, was killed on Thursday in Bangkok Thailand

Taylor, 34, originally from Everton, was killed on Thursday in Bangkok Thailand


BANGKOK – Darren Taylor an Expat from the UK has been found dead in Bangkok Thailand and his family is claiming that he was murdered.

His family said he had been pushed from the balcony of the sixth-floor flat where he was living.

Parents Linda and Gary said police officers told them a man from Bootle had been arrested at the scene and was being held by Thai police.

“The last text we had from him was on the Wednesday and he was telling us he was going to bring up a beautiful baby. That was the day before he was murdered.

“He was so happy and he was so much in love.

“He’d always had a stream of girlfriends and he’d finally met someone, his girlfriend Dao, who he really loved.

“Last time I spoke to him on the phone he said to me ‘I love you loads mum and tell my dad I love him loads too’.”

The family first found out about Darren’s murder when they received a text from his girlfriend on Thursday morning.

Darren’s dad Gary said: “It just said to contact her, Darren’s dead.

“I rang her and she told me what had happened and I think I hung up on her.

“We were just panicking, we didn’t know what to do.”

Linda said: “I kept thinking, ‘he’ll be coming home, he’ll walk through the door to surprise me in a minute’.

“Then the police came that afternoon and I knew it was real.”

Taylor, 34, originally from Everton,  Taylor was killed on Thursday in Bangkok,  according to the Liverpool Echo News.

Friends said he had been living in the country’s capital Bangkok for the past three or four years.

His family were too upset to speak at their home near Goodison Park yesterday.

His sister Lydean said on Facebook that he was murdered by a man who fled the scene before returning and waiting for police.

Family and friends appealed for donations to help raise more than £10,000 needed to fly his body home.

A Facebook group called Help us to get Darren Home said he had died as a result of violent crime.

“The Taylor family are hoping to raise funds to help with the cost of bringing home the body of their son, brother, uncle Darren who was tragically taken from us.

“The family are getting no government funding to help with the cost which will be in the excess of £10,000.”

A Foreign Office spokesman in Bangkok said: “We were made aware on 13 June of the death of British National Darren Taylor.  We are providing consular assistance to the family during this difficult time.”

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