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CCTV Footage of Foreign Women Shoplifting in Krabi Goes Viral on Facebook



CCTV Camera Captures two foreign woman stealing a white laced shirt from Thai clothing shop




KRABI – Two despicable foreign women have come under fire after video showing one of them stealing an outfit from a beachfront shop in Krabi went viral online.

CCTV footage captured two tourists looking at clothes at the shop on Ao Nang beach. One of  the women looks to see if anyone is watching them, while the other woman takes a white lace outfit from a hanger, rolls it up and places it in her umbrella.

On her Facebook page, Netdao Wiwatratsamee, the owner of the shop, thanked those who shared the clip.


The message accompanying the clip said: “I am the owner of the clothing shop on Ao Nang in Krabi who just moved from Bangkok. I have run the shop for four months and the business has been going smoothly.

“However, there are lots of foreign thieves and many shops fall victim to them every day.

Police were alerted, surveillance cameras have captured images of thieves, even their tattoos. However, the thieves have not yet been caught as people might think it was trivial.’’

The video of the incident, which happened on Jan 7, had attracted 443,075 views and many negative comments about thieves as of Saturday.

On her Facebook page, Netdao Wiwatratsamee, the owner of the shop, thanked those who shared the clip.

In an interview with Thairath Online, Miss Wiwatratsamee said she noticed the white lace outfit had vanished on Jan 7 and she later asked her staff whether it had been sold.

After the staff insisted it had not been sold, she reviewed the store’s security footage and filed a complaint with the local police.

The officers told her they did not know whether they could arrest the two foreigners and it was not clear if they were still in the country, prompting her to post the clip online in hope someone could identify the shameful foreigners.

If you have any information with regards to the identity of these two women please contact the Krabi Tourist Police at Tel: (075) 637 208, Hotline: 1155



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