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Canadian Rev.Kevin Fast Pulls Airbus A320-200 at Don-Muang Airport in Bangkok





BANGKOK – Talk about amazing strength! Rev. Kevin Fast from Cobourg, Ontario, Canada, successfully pulled a giant Airbus A320-200 weighing 55 tons at Don-Muang Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, June 27, 2014.

He once successfully pulled a giant Globemaster airplane weighing 416,000 lb – the weight of more than 50 African elephants – for 29 ft across the runway at an airbase in Trenton, Canada, in 2009.

Kevin Fast, who is recorded as a Superhuman guaranteed by many world records such as Guinness World Record, Ripley’s Record and World Records set in Canada, USA, Italy and China, got the Stan Lee’s Super-humans with the heaviest truck pulled weighing 140 tons in 2013.



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