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Bangkok Police Probe into The Mysterious Death of Thai Pretty



Bangkok Hospital Faces Charges Over Death of Thai Pretty

A police probe is underway into the mysterious death of a Thai Pretty who died after being hired to serve drinks and entertain guests at a man’s house in Bangkok.

Police are questioning the employer of Thai Pretty Whitchayaporn Visessombut after she died at at Paolo Hospital

The Bangkok Metropolitan Police Bureau, on Thursday called a meeting with investigators handling the death of the young Thai Pretty to discuss the case.

Atchariya Ruangrattanapong, chairman of the Crime Victims Assistance Club, earlier sought a police probe into the death of Whitchayaporn “Wa” Visessombut, 33, a Thai Pretty.

She died at Paolo Hospital Kaset after being hired to serve drinks at a Bangkok house.

Pol Col Prasopchok Iemphinit, said after the meeting that her mother had filed a complaint with police after she died on Monday morning. Doctors said she had died of respiratory and blood system failure.

Thai Pretty Hired by Modeling Agent

The woman was approached by a modeling agent identified only as Ms Su to entertain a customer, Mr Keng, at his house on Monday night, said Pol Col Prasopchok.

Her relatives had turned to Mr Atchariya for help, said the Phahon Yothin police chief. Police have sent her body to the Police General Hospital for a post-mortem examination to find traces of drugs or alcohol.

An initial test result showed the death was unnatural because she did not have existing conditions.

Police would call Mr Keng and other people who were at the house on Monday night for questioning. The investigators learned that there were four women at the house that night. More details would be known in 1-2 days, said Pol Col Prasopchok.

Mr Atchariya quoted a younger sister of the woman as saying that Witchayaporn had never used narcotics. She worked as a presenter and never sold sex, he said.

A source said Mr Keng had contacted modelling agent Su to find a young woman for the temporary job. Ms Su then contacted Whitchayaporn and asked her work at his Phahon Yothin home for 7,500 baht. She was among four women hired for 30,000 baht in total for the occasion.

Whitchayaporn reportedly started work at 11pm on Monday. Around 6.28am on the next day, two men took the unconscious Whitchayaporn to Paolo Hospital Kaset.

Shortly later, Mr Keng showed up to pay a medical bill at the hospital and claimed she had taken ecstasy pills. The woman died around 8.45am on Tuesday at the hospital.

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