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Australian Sociopath Wanted in Connection to Murdered Canadian Journalist



Guido James Eglitis, an Australian citizen

Australian citizen Guido James Eglitis – Andrew Drummond Photo



Guido James Eglitis, an Australian citizen wanted in connection to the recent murder of a Canadian citizen, with outstanding Australian warrants for his arrest for torture, kidnapping, and impersonating an Australian Federal Police officer and who is now impersonating a U.S. federal law enforcement officer and claims to be working officially on behalf of the Cambodian Military Police is residing in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
Eglitis is a sociopath and presents an immediate danger to the lives of numerous people.
Eglitis is now organizing and planning to murder several other people, including citizens of several countries, which include Australia, the United States, Cambodia, the United Kingdom, and other countries, according to documents, interviews and other court admissible evidence.
THE Australian, United States, Canadian, and Cambodian governments and there law enforcement and other federal agencies are fully aware and have all documents showing the contents of this statement to be indisputably true.
Currently using the alias James An, his real name is Guido James Eglitis aka James Giudo Eglitis aka Guido Pommer among at least 11 known other aliases.
He is a convicted felon with outstanding warrants for his arrest who has done prison time in at least three countries—China, the United States, and Australia.
Eglitis has at least three active current warrants for his arrest in Australia, issued by the Queensland police department in 2009 for fleeing 2007 criminal charges in Brisbane Australia including torture, kidnapping, impersonating an Australian Federal Police Officer, and robbery with violence under the name Guido James Eglitis.
Hereafter he is referred to as James Eglitis.
Eglitis, using at least 11 other aliases, has had an at least thirty year criminal career which include hundreds of criminal and civil charges in several countries on counts of fraud, torture, impersonating a law enforcement officer, kidnapping, robbery with violence, defamation and is currently a suspect wanted in connection with murder.
Credible evidence strongly suggests Eglit is is now planning to murder several more people including, citizens of the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and other European and Asian countries.
Overwhelming court admissible evidence indisputably confirming Eglitis currently is a clear and present danger to public safety and all of the above assertions are corroborated by taped voice recordings of Eglitis, his own written words, eyewitness accounts of Eglitis detailing the above criminal activities and intentions, other eyewitness accounts, personal interviews with Eglitis and his associates, and other evidence which forms an overwhelming body of court admissible information that has been produced by a detailed, three month long professional private criminal investigation.
All the above information has been long transmitted to and in the possession of the Cambodian, United States, Australian, and Canadian governments for many weeks and longer, and is currently in my possession, and show that Eglitis categorically and indisputably presents an immediate danger to the lives of several people.
This evidence and documents have been repeatedly detailed and are in the possession of Canadian, Australian, United States, and Cambodian federal government authorities.
All evidence confirms, as far as we are aware, that no remotely effective action has been taken by any of these governments, who have each been in possession of this body of information, documents and evidence for more than several weeks.
Acting on behalf of Dave Walker’s family, investigators have had hundreds of communications with the federal governments and law enforcement and other official agencies of the Canadian, Australian, United States, and Cambodian governments urging that they act urgently to prevent more innocent people from being harmed or killed y Eglitis.
None of these governments have responded or acted in any remotely substantive manner. Because of this, Dave Walker’s family is legally, morally, ethically, and professionally compelled to make the following facts public now. To not do so would make the family of Dave Walker and its official
investigators complicit in a cover up in a murder investigation, accomplices to abetting a conspiracy which we strongly believe will result in the harm or death of more innocent people immediately, possibly within hours.
All of this specific hard documented court admissible evidence, including specific details which include the names, locations, contact details and biographical data of Eglitis, who has numerous criminal convictions and existing warrants currently out for his arrest, has been for several weeks, and in some cases longer, in the possession of United States, Canadian, Australian and Cambodia federal law enforcement and other authorities.
All of these governments have failed to, as of now, May 10, 2014, taken any effective or substantive action to ensure that either this wanted and dangerous criminal be taken into custody, held accountable for his past actions, or prevent harm done to others who are in presently in immediate danger of being murdered or harmed.
As a result of the failure of all of the above governments to take any effective or priority measures that include victims of murder and other serious crimes and other persons whose lives are now in immediate and present danger, it is our ethical and moral and professional duty to make the below information public.
This document is released on behalf of Dave Walker’s family and their legally appointed private investigators.
On February 14, Canadian citizen David Edward Walker disappeared under very suspicious and disturbing circumstances in Siem Reap Cambodia. Mr. Walker, who I have known personally for more than 30 years, was a journalist who has lived in Cambodia and Thailand for approximately 30 years.
When Walker vanished unexplainably from his residence in Siem Reap,
Cambodia his many friends and loved ones immediately mobilized to attempt to coordinate efforts to find Dave, investigate the circumstances of his disappearance, and determine his fate, with the hope he would be found and brought home safe, unharmed and alive.
Within days, it became very clear to his many friends, family and loved ones that no government, particularly the Canadian or Cambodian government, were making any even minimally acceptable efforts to determine the fate of Walker.
Dave’s friends and family concluded that it was imperative that a private investigation be undertaken to gather evidence, an investigation that from the beginning we all agreed belonged in the hands of competent law enforcement agencies of a government, specifically at that time the governments of Canada and Cambodia. Those governments—most notably Canada—have refused to engage in any remotely concrete substantive or effective way in the investigation from February 14 to the present, May 10, 2014.
Six days after Dave Walker disappeared these governments were doing exactly nothing to determine Dave’s fate.
Six days after Dave vanished, in collaboration with others, I dispatched very skilled and competent people to Siem Reap.  At that time Dave Walker’s home and all his belongings had not been even inspected, little less secured by any Cambodia, Canadian or other law enforcement agency.
Our private investigation team was simultaneously legally recognized as representing Walker through those relatives Walker had granted official status of next of kin, granted the powers of attorney and appointed the legal executors of his estate. That status was formally recognized, under Canadian law, by the Canadian federal government in Ottawa.
On April 30, Dave Walker’s dead body was discovered by a villager near the “Gate of Death” at the historical temples of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap Cambodia. That information was transmitted to Cambodian law enforcement authorities at that time.
Cambodian authorities publicly have claimed Walker was found by children picking fruit at approximately 0700 hours on the morning of May 1. That declaration is false.
We have documented evidence that James Eglitis was informed by Cambodian law enforcement officials at approximately 0200 hours—four hours before Walker’s body was officially declared discovered by the Cambodian government. There is further evidence that Eglitis was at approximately at that same time of 0200 hours on May 1, 2014 present at the scene of Walker’s body in a remote jungle area near the Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia.
Using the false name of “James An”, within days of Walker’s, disappearance Eglitis began a public campaign misrepresenting himself as acting on behalf of law enforcement agencies of the Cambodian, United States, Australian, and Canadian governments, among others, investigating the disappearance of Walker.
Investigators working on behalf of Dave Walker’s family, and legally represented as such to the government of Canada, knew immediately in February 2014, that the man representing himself as James An and a law enforcement investigator for several governments into the disappearance of Walker was a fraud.
We immediately informed numerous governments and their relevant agencies. James An has directly threatened the lives of Walker’s family investigators both in person and by corroborated other documented evidence. “James An” was confronted by us personally numerous times requesting he provide documented evidence to corroborate his identity and credentials. We knew without any uncertainty that he was not working for several governments and agencies he purported to be.
In March, James An specifically provided us with the name of a U.S. Justice Department federal prosecutor who would vouch for his credentials. This still serving U.S. federal government law enforcement agent, Michelle Heldmyer Assistant U.S. Attorney, was previously working as a federal prosecutor in Pensacola Florida. Walker’s family investigators traced her to her current same title based out of U.S. Federal government jurisdiction in Colorado.  U.S. Assistant Attorney Heldmyer immediately recognized Eglitis and said that incontrovertibly Eglitis had never worked for or even met either her or her investigators. “She referred to him as “ a clear fraud or worse.”
Eglitis has threatened both murder and jail key witness in the case of murdered Canadian Walker while posing as an official representative agent of U.S., Canadian, Cambodian, and Australian law enforcement agencies.
The Australian Federal Police in Canberra have been in possession of all this information for many weeks.
The Canadian Federal government and their foreign and law enforcement agencies have been in full possession of all this information for many weeks.
In the following weeks, Eglitis, with either or both the unwitting or knowing collaboration of others, threatened the lives of key witnesses and legitimate investigators into Walker’s disappearance. He disseminated knowingly false information regarding Walker’s disappearance. He passed what he misrepresented as official law enforcement investigative documents to both the Canadian and Cambodian government, the media, Walker’s family, Walker’s official private investigators, and private citizens including citizens of the United States, Canada, Cambodia, Australia, and the United Kingdom.
With the unwitting aggressive collaboration of a Canadian citizen residing in Toronto, this intentionally false information became the basis of widespread global media campaign, which seriously undermined and distracted the investigation into the fate of Walker and the circumstances of his disappearance.
Posing as an official government law enforcement representative, James Eglitis interviewed numerous key witnesses. While falsely posing as a government law enforcement official, Eglitis arranged for what were represented as official government investigative reports of Walkers disappearance to be delivered to the governments of Canada, Cambodia and others.
Eglitis specifically threatened to harm or murder and imprison key witnesses to and investigators of the Walker disappearance case.
On April 21, 2007, James Eglitis, posing as an Australian Federal Police Officer, kidnapped an Australian citizen at 1500 hours in the afternoon on a golf course in Brisbane Australia, handcuffed him, placed in the back of a white van, and transported him to a safe house in Brisbane where he was tied up to a chair which was bolted to the floor and tortured him in an attempt to extract millions of dollars from the victim. On April 23, 2007 Eglitis was arrested and charged with numerous crimes including impersonating an Australian federal police officer, kidnapping, torture, robbery with violence, and other charges related to possession of implements to cause bodily harm. Eglits was held in prison for a number of months and eventually granted bail while awaiting trial on those charges. By 2009, he had fled Australia before trial using a valid Australian passport under the name Guido James Eglitis. He is known to have lived since then in several Asian countries including China, Thailand and Cambodia.
The Queensland Australia police department issued 3 separate warrants for the arrest of Guido James Eglitis in 2009 related to the 2007 charges and his failure to appear in court for those charges. Those arrest warrants are active and known to the Australian Federal Police. The AFP has transmitted the information that Eglitis is a wanted criminal on the run to the international law enforcement agency, Interpol, of which Cambodia and Canada and the United States are signatory member countries.
In November 1987, under the name James Guido Eglitas, Eglitis was indicted and arrested in Newport Beach California and charged with 32 counts of fraud interstate transportation of stolen property and other criminal charges by the United States Federal Department of Justice major crimes unit, and eventually convicted and sentenced to 4 ½ years in Prison. That indictment included charges made by the U.S. federal prosecutor that Eglitis’s co defendants had organized and planned the murder of lawyers and criminal investigators involved in bringing those charges against them.
U.S federal government prosecutors from the Department of Justice said that between 1984 and his arrest, Eglitis worked as an account executive at a Newport Beach California telephone marketing operation called Intech Investment Corp.  bilking at least 400 victims out of millions of dollars.
Prosecutors also charged that Eglitis with being the sole principle in two other ponzi scheme operations, including California Mint with offices in Huntington Beach and Santa Ana California which prosecutors contended he stole in excess of $500,00 from investors. Also in 1987, Eglitis was charged by the FBI in Chicago for operating another telemarketing scheme called Whitehall Commodities. On February 09, 1988 he pled guilty to fraud charges in Orange County California court to precious metal sales schemes and was characterized by the federal prosecutor as “one of the more notorious of the boiler-room salesmen” in the United States.
“We recommended 10 years for Eglitis because of his extensive conduct,” Assistant U.S. Atty. Terree A. Bowers was quoted as saying. “He would jump from boiler room to boiler room, and repeatedly went after the same victims. In one case, he went back to the same person three different times. He would bleed them dry and keep going until they had nothing else to lose.”
Eglitis criminal cohort was the head of Intech, Matthew Valentine, of Newport Beach California.  Valentine was accused of ordering the beating nearly to death of Randy Elvidge, a former employee who discovered the swindle and urged investors to withdraw.
The 1989 indictment of Eglitis in U.S. federal court in Chicago for his fraudulent investment scheme working for the Whitehall Investor International Inc., which stole millions of dollars from more than 100 investors from the company’s offices at 175 W. Jackson Blvd. in Chicago and in Florida and California.
The indictment charged that that Eglitis lied to clients about commission charges, the types of investments, the amount of trading and potential risk, and then excessively traded customer accounts until the balances had been reduced almost to zero by commissions.
Eglitis has been charged under other names in other U.S. and Australian jurisdictions that span years including 1983 in Texas and 1996 in New South Wales Australia and in 2002 and 2003 in Queensland Australia.
In Australia, under the name Guido James Eglitis, he was charged in 1996 for having sold futures to three Sydney investors while possessing no futures trading license. In October 2003, Eglitis was charged in Brisbane, Australia court for Defamation under the name “Guido James Pomar aka James Eglitis” in a suit filed by Ian Sidney Cotton in Brisbane Australia in a case of “COTTON Vs. Pommar” numbered 9554/03.
These are only a sampling of Eglitis’s formal criminal history.
In recent weeks, from January to present, May 10, 2014, Eglitis has posed as a law enforcement officer for the governments of Australia, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Cambodia as officially investigating the now known murder of Canadian citizen David Edward Walker and separate law enforcement investigation, which include posing as a covert agent of the U.S Department of Homeland Security and other U.S. federal law enforcement agencies investigating a criminal case involving paedophilia in Siem Reap Cambodia, where he is known to have been confirmed in eyewitness sightings as of May 9, 2014.
The Canadian, United States, Australian and Cambodian governments are in full possession of documented corroborated credible evidence that Eglitis is planning to murder another Australian citizen now resident in Siem Reap, and has in the last week specifically asserted he is planning the murder of specific citizens of the United Kingdom, Australia, Cambodia, the United States and elsewhere. All these governments’ relevant law enforcement agencies are in possession and have full knowledge of the above.
The Cambodian law enforcement agency who holds the open case file into the death of Canadian Dave Walker have specifically named Eglitis as a chief suspect into Walker’s case and are planning on attempting to bring him into custody.
The Australian and Canadian government have full knowledge and are in full possession of documents and written requests for assistance and cooperation that Australian citizen Eglitis is a wanted suspect in Canadian citizen Walker’s death. The United States government is in full possession of that information as well and that Eglitis is posing as a U.S. federal law enforcement agent.
Neither the Australian, U.S., or Canadian government have made any substantive or effective effort to cooperate with Cambodian law enforcement despite having been specifically in possession of all the above documented, credible, and urgent information for weeks and longer.
As we speak, Eglitis poses a very urgent credible and immediate threat to the lives of numerous specific individual citizens of each of the above countries.
The family, colleagues and many friends of Dave Walker are shocked by the scandalous lack of law enforcement and political action and apparent interest in this clear and present danger that Eglitis poses to public safety.
Dave Walker’s family demand that the Canadian Australian United States and Cambodia government immediately take whatever auction is required to secure Eglitis, an Australian citizen wanted as a criminal suspect in the murder of a Canadian citizen, wanted on existing serious crimes of violence in Australia and known to be planning the murder of another Australian citizen, posing as a U.S law enforcement agent to prevent more innocent people from being harmed.
We cannot any longer, because of obvious ethical, moral, and legal responsibilities as free people living in societies based on foundations of justice, rule of law, an independent judiciary and respect for the individual rights of all citizens globally to live with the protections and liberties of free people, remain silent any longer because of the scandalous refusal or incompetence of the Canadian, Australian, U.S. and Cambodian government to immediately take action to protect the public safety of citizens from a wanted murderer and sociopath still free and posing immediate danger to the lives of several people.
Every word and assertion written above is backed by court admissible documented evidence, which has been in the hands of all the above governments for many days and weeks.
Dave Walker’s family demand that these governments–particulalry Canada, Australia, Cambodia, and the United States– not allow any more innocent people from being harmed or killed.
Tammy Madon
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
(Tammy Maddon is Dave Walker’s official next of kin who was appointed by Dave Walker as executor of his estate and given power of attorney over his affairs and is recognized as such by the government of Canada)
Please respect the need of Dave Walkers family for privacy during this time. Other than direct cooperation with the Canadian and other government law enforcement authorities, she will have no further public comments until the appropriate time.
For any inquiries please contact: [email protected]com
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