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Aussies Assaulted over Bar Bill in Chiang Mai




The Aussies drank 13 bottles of beer and had five escort women at the bar sitting and drinking with them


.CHIANG MAI – Two thai teenagers Samart Thantrakul and Nitikorn Laolee, have been detained by Chiang Mai Police over allegedly assaulting on two Australian men, a father and his son, in front of a karaoke bar in Chiang Mai.

Both Samart Thantrakul and Nitikorn Laolee, were among five teenagers accused of beating up the two Australian tourists, and were charged with colluding in the assault causing bodily harm.

The assault occurred in front of a convenience store at the entrance to Chiang Mai Land housing estate on Chang Klan Road in Muang district at about 6am on Tuesday.

According to the Bangkok Post, Australian’s Peter Hernbaker, 60, and his 18-year-old son Jackson Kusen ran away from the unidentified attackers and went into hiding in an ubosot (chapel) of nearby Wat Hui Faii where monks alerted paramedics and Muang Chiang Mai police.

Mr Kusen reportedly sustained chest injuries caused by a sharp object while his father was less badly injured. The two men were admitted to Rajavej Hospital and have been allowed to return to their hotel on Sri Don Chai Road.

Pol Col Veerayuth Prasopchokchai, chief of Chiang Mai police station, on Thursday summonsed the two Australian tourists and a tuk tuk driver who was assaulted by Mr Kusen for further questioning.

A police investigation found the Australians had hired the tuk tuk driver at a karaoke bar before the assault occurred early Tuesday.The Aussies drank 13 bottles of beer and had five escort women at the bar sitting and drinking with them.

Before leaving at 5am, they were asked to foot the bill totaling 13,000 baht for drinks, food and services. The Aussies claimed they were being ripped off and wanted to negotiate the bill to 1,000 baht.

During the negotiations, Mr Kusen went outside the bar and grabbed the tuk-tuk driver around his neck in a fit of anger for taking him and his father to the expensive bar, said police. People witnessing the incident intervened to help the driver. Mr Kusen, who appeared drunk, then quarreled with another man who was waiting for his bar staff girlfriend.

Soon after, a group of five teenagers on motorcycles drove past the bar and witnessed the incident. They parked their bikes and beat Mr Kusen.

Mr Hernbaker rushed to help his son, but was also assaulted. One of the gang members used an unknown sharp object to attack the son.

Police found the bar was operating illegally and charged the bar manager with opening the venue beyond operating hours.

On the bill for meals and drinks, the Australian tourists agreed not to file a complaint against the bar. Mr Kusen was fined 100 baht for assaulting the driver, who was unhurt.

Mr Samart, one of the arrested teenagers, offered 9,000 baht to cover medical treatment for the Australians, said police.

A source said the tourists did not want to pursue civil and criminal action against their attackers.

By Cheewin Sattha

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