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Armed Robber Gets Away With Over Bt1 Million in Gold Store Heist



Gold Store, Thailand, Robbery

Police have launched a hunt for an armed man who robbed gold ornaments worth over Bt1 million from a gold shop in Big C Department Store in Nakhon Sawan province in Thailand.

Police were alerted to the crime on at Yaowarat Bangkok Gold Shop located within Big C in Thatako district.

A shop clerk reportedly told police that a man wearing a black face mask, a black long-sleeve shirt and black pants walked into the shop at around 4pm holding what appeared to be a rifle wrapped in a white plastic bag.

“He pointed the gun at me and ordered me to take the gold ornaments in the display case out and put them in a fabric bag that he had brought along, and walked out of the department store,” she said.

Robbery, gold shop, thailand

The gold shop reported that the robbed gold ornaments included 24 necklaces weighing 38 baht (about 576 grams) and were worth Bt1,136,200.

Police reviewed CCTV footage and found that the whole crime, which lasted less than one minute, matched the shop clerk’s statement.

They also found that the suspect had got into a white pickup truck with its license plate covered by a piece of paper that was parked right at the mall’s entrance before driving away on Thatako-Nong Bua Road that connects to Phetchabun and Sing Buri provinces.

Police believed that the robbery was well-planned as the suspect was very fast and seemed to know the layout of the shop and the department store. They also speculated that the suspect might be working with a partner who could be driving the pickup truck.

Officials have set up roadblocks on all possible escape routes but have found no clues about the suspect.

Gold rush hits Thailand as prices surge

gold, price, Thailand, covid-19, pandemic

People in Thailand are flocking to sell their gold as prices for gold have hit an all time high. The Gold Traders Association announced the buying and selling prices of gold has increased by 50 baht to a historic high.

The price of gold is currently high. Gold ornaments prices have reached  29,000 baht, tempting people to sell. The price of gold rose by Bt450 per baht weight in the morning trade, the Gold Traders Association reported.

As of 9.31am, the buying price of gold bars was Bt29,200 per baht weight and the selling price Bt29,300, while gold ornaments cost Bt28,667.56 and Bt29,800, respectively.

The price has increased by 1,200 baht since the beginning of the week, which is in line with the world market price, which has risen to a nine year high due to the concerns about the outbreak of COVID-19. Which is affecting the growth of the global economy.

It is also a result of the baht depreciation which has caused the price of gold in the country to increase.

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