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American Jason Richard Barnett Arrested for Beating Cambodian Man



Jason Richard Barnett 33

Jason Richard Barnett 33


CAMBODIA – American National, Jason Richard Barnett 33, has been arrested for brutally assaulting Cambodian National Neang Sarin who worked at GBT 3 Guesthouse in Sihanoukville, Cambodia as a tour guide.

The neighbors of Jason Richard Barnett, who was renting a house in Sihanoukville, called the police because they could hear fighting. When the police arrived, they found Neang Sarin, lying on the floor unconscious and Jason Barnett covered in blood.

James McCabe with the Child Protection Unit said Sarin was suspected of sexually assaulting the daughter of Barnett’s girlfriend.

Barnett’s girlfriend and her daughter were at the scene of the beating, Savuth said.

A US Embassy spokesman declined to comment on the case yesterday, citing privacy concerns.

Staff that worked at GBT Guesthouse 3 said they were friends and hung out often over the past 3 months.

Mr. Neang Sarin was sent to a hospital in Phnom Penh in serious condition and they think it’s unlikely he will survive.

Jason Richard Barnett, has quite an arrest record in Florida, USA, including charges for burglary, assault and battery.


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